Daedalus Structural Engineering
Midpeninsula District Office Renovation

Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District looks to create an office environment that strengthens their public identity and reflects their core mission of open space conservation. The entry lobby opens-up to a two-story atrium to provide a welcoming entrance. NLT (nail-laminated timber) is utilized at the lobby and boardroom to add the warmth of wood to the spaces. Two secondary entry stair wells are removed and replaced with outdoor meeting spaces. The renovation aims to create a modern workplace that balances open, collaborative workspaces with areas of privacy and focus.

Architect | Noll & Tam Architects

Mass Timber Construction

Mass timber and hybrid timber construction provide a safe and sustainable alternative to traditional building materials. The materials are sourced from sustainably farmed non-old-growth trees, and the nature of the panels and beams leads to attractive finishes, relieves occupant stress, provides a warm, inviting space, and significantly reduces the carbon footprint. 


This summer TimberQuest™ made history as the first Cross Laminated Timber prefabricated classroom solution to receive pre-checked approval status from the Division of State Architecture, allowing for over-the-counter permitting. The solution offers schools multiple options from three to nine class rooms per building and optional modules for offices, science, kinder, and bathrooms.
Sacred Heart Prep School in Atherton was the first to take advantage of this new building approach. In just under 11 weeks a beautiful four classroom TimberQuest™ building was completed, from breaking ground to ribbon cutting, right in time for the start of the new school year.

Architect | Aedis Architects
Builder | XL Construction

Twin 12 Story Mass Timber Towers

We are pleased to be part of the design team with Sera Architects, Lendlease, and our teaming partner Fast + Epp to build this 365-unit, low income housing development for First Community Housing (FCH) in downtown San Jose, slated to be among the tallest timber buildings in the United States.
Two 12-story timber towers rest on a concrete podium and use a point-supported CLT system with a traditional steel lateral system. The mass timber panels, prefabrication, and modular components will help streamline the construction while utilizing the new tall timber code.

Architect | Sera Architects
Owner | First Community Housing
Construction | Lendlease


A two-story, 8000 sf Mass Timber office building on a flat site in Campbell, California. The building has a rectangular 80x47 feet footprint on the first floor, with the second floor extending by 3.5 feet on the north side and 5.75 feet on the south side. Glulam beams at the north and south side are cantilevered over the first-floor walls to pick up the extended second floor walls. The roof has occupiable space with a trellis and four isolated roof gardens. Glazing surrounds the perimeter of the structure at the 2nd floor and on the north side of the first floor with architectural wood screens. Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) panels are used for the roof, floor, and wall system.

Architect | Modulus
Contractor | Gurnet-Point

Pivot House

This unique residence sits on a gentle hillside of Portola Valley. The main structure is wrapped in board-formed concrete perimeter walls which anchors the light rectilinear 2nd level, rotated in plan relative to the ground level. The 2nd level is framed with steel Vierendeel trusses serving as both the gravity and the lateral system and allowing for open views to the surrounding landscape through a vertical wood louver system. Glue-Laminated Timber (GLT) floors make up the structural floor plate as well as creating the textured ceiling finish above the living room and kitchen. The concrete shear walls are complemented with built-up moment frames constructed of bar stock flanges anchored down through the basement.(construction in-progress)

Architect | SAW Architects
Contractor | Interspace Builders


This three-story mass timber and steel hybrid health facility comes with residential care areas, offices, and therapy support spaces. Mass timber is used for the primary framing, establishing a balance between structural function and beauty. Exposed interior timber finishing emulates the oak trees surrounding the facility on this 10-acre site while simultaneously, expansive glazing extends people's connections with the outdoors. Additionally, the optimization of multi-sensory integration and treatment of weather and seasonal changes helps with minimizing the building's carbon footprint. This project is a teaming effort together with the respected structural engineering firm Fast + Epp based out of Vancouver BC.

Architect | NBBJ